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Today, more than ever, it is difficult to find qualified individuals to do the painting and remodeling work while fitting it into our busy schedules. Let’s face it, when someone comes into our home, no matter how big or small, our schedules have to be rearranged and there is a stranger in our midst.

We want to remove the mystery and worry from your remodeling needs. From the very beginning almost twenty years ago, Pete and his wife Anita based the start of this successful painting company on this premise. “We called our company the “husband and wife team,” says Pete, “so that people would feel more comfortable having us do work in their home.”

As demand for services, Pete recognized the need for quality custom residential painting/remodeling and began ProHome. “We take pride in our reputation, customer service and work ethic,” says Pete Siegrist, owner “just like in the old days.” Currently there are six crews headed by a craftsman foreman with at least ten years experience in residential painting. Even today ProHome is a family business with two sons, and a son-in-law heading up crews. The oldest daughter handles the work schedules, payroll and invoicing. When the job is completed, it is not unusual for the client to call and rave not only about the job. “You can’t put a price tag on that kind client satisfaction!” says Pete.

In addition to the stringent qualifications of its craftsmen, ProHome does everything to assure the work will be properly completed. After an appointment is made, a representative arrives at our house, discusses the work, and estimates the job on the spot. There is no guesswork with ProHome. The next step is to meet the foreman you’ll be working with. How nice to meet the craftsmen ahead of time before the a job ever begins!

One of the most reassuring things about work done by ProHome is the warranty. All work is guaranteed in writing. Again, this is part of the ProHome way of doing business. You may have had a bad experience with contractors somewhere along the line. With us the work is done as the contract states, done correctly and GUARANTEED. If there is a problem, we take care of it right away.

The big difference between our guarantee and others is that we actually come out to your home and fix the problem during the entire warrantee period. What can be better than that?

Because of high humidity, rotten wood is also a frequent concern for many homeowners. Many times damaged wood is discovered while prepping for paint and remodeling work. You are immediately notified and, with your permission, one of our carpenters will replace the damaged wood. All wood is primed on the back side so that moisture will not rot the wood again.

Our philosophy is one of total customer knowledge and satisfaction from start to finish. By providing clients with advice and good service, Pete is maintaining the most important thing to him in business, his reputation. Skilled and reliable help is only a phone call away…

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