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1684 Delaney Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
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1. Setup

  • Rooms to be painted are scheduled with client.
  • Large furniture is moved into center of room.
  • Furniture is covered with new plastic to protect from dust and paint.
  • Floors are covered with drop clothes.
  • Remove electrical covers.
  • Tape as required baseboards to prevent paint from dripping and splattering.
  • If at all possible, we will complete each room so that you may enjoy that evening.

2. Preparation

  • Glossy surfaces are scuff sanded with fine sandpaper or steel wool and cleaned.
  • Holes and cracks in walls are patched and sanded.
  • Caulk/putty holes and gaps in trim.
  • Prime repaired items.
  • Seal with 'Kiltz' ink, crayons, and water stains that may 'bleed' through the finish coat.

3. Painting

  • Apply number of coats of primer and finish coats specified in contract.
  • Clean paint (cut) line between trim, wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Only top quality premium paints are used unless otherwise specified in contract.
  • Paint is normally applied by brush and roller although low and high pressure spray is available under special circumstances.

4. Cleanup

  • Furniture is moved back to the original positions.
  • Electrical covers replaced.
  • Floors and carpets are cleaned. We pride ourselves in keeping your home clean.
  • Cleaning is performed daily and upon completion of the job.
  • All trash (paint cans, paint chips, old rags, caulking, etc.) is hauled away.
  • Touch up paint is labeled and left with you the client.
    Fixtures are replaced.

5. Inspection

  • The foreman inspects the work during the painting process.
  • During the last phase, he does a final inspection.
  • You are invited to check the job to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.
  • Final touch-ups are noted on a 'punch list' and are completed before the crew leaves.

6. Finally

  • You will be sent a Customer Comment Card and your Warranty card.

7. Your Responsibility

  • Remove pictures leaving nails in holes if you plan to re-hang back in same spot.
  • Remove unwanted nails so the holes can be filled.
  • Remove window treatments (this is good time to have them cleaned).
  • Remove any breakables. Tables, shelves and floors should be empty.
  • Open and shut painted windows every other day for a couple weeks to prevent sticking.

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